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Sound Alliance has always been providing the best Sound Management Service from the early stage.

Now we are passionate about developing excellent technical audio engineering skills,
theoretical knowledge, and achieving the next level of success.

Learn more about Sound Alliance and our professional journey.





2008 -  Present

[MUSICAL] Hades Town, Wicked, Another Miss Oh, Frida: The Last Night Show, Almond, Crash Landing On You, Blue Helmet: A Song of Meissa, Let Me Fly, Return, Mamma Mia, CATS(Korea, Taiwan), Normal Like This, A Lonely Man, Red Book, Four Minutes, Blue Rain, I wish, The Adventure of the Final Problem, Heathcliff, Smoke, The Crown Prince, Airport Baby, Graffiti, Bloody Silence, It Rains Cats and Dogs, Arang-ga, Demian, Every Moment was You, Anthemoessa, Watch, The Merchant of Venice, Altar Boys(JPN), Sonata of a Flame(KR, JPN), Interview(JPN), I Love You(JPN), Maybe Happy Ending(JPN), Jesus Christ Superstar, King And I(NY)

[PLAY] Illiad, Kanfu Train Ferry, The Faces of the City, Old Wicked Songs, Equal, I Wasn't There in Gwangju, Art

[CONCERT] Jesus Christ Superstar Concert, Dongsuk Jeon Concert, Michael Lee Concert, Junsang Yoo Concert, Fantastic Musical Concert, The Barberettes Concert, Sangji Koh Concert, Echae Kang Concert, K-Musical Concert, Music of the Night 2019, Mr.SHOW

[FESTIVAL] K-Musical Roadshow(CHN), Welcome Daehak-ro Festival, H-Star Festival, etc.

Sound Alliance's VALUE


Within the acknowledgment that 

human resources are the company’s competitive edge, 

we constantly discover, foster, and develop excellent talents to build the foundation for the shared growth of the company and the crew as one.


We take pride in what we do.

We have confidence in what we create.
Following discipline and work ethics, we take responsibility for what we do as voluntary individuals and always stay self-motivated.


We constantly redevelop the work environment into an efficient, collaborative atmosphere with an attentive and considerate attitude.
We strive to achieve not only within ourselves but also to grow along with our partners.


We do not settle in the present but take challenges for higher achievements.
We perform the best in us with thorough analysis and strong propulsion.

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